VIDEO: Camaro ZL1 Strikes Gold with new World Record!

recordzl1-1The factory supercharged LSA that graces the engine bay of the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 makes it one bad machine. When you crank it up with a few simple modifications, the beast is truly unleashed.Ā In fact, the car is able to crack into the 9-second quarter mile range without digging into the bottom end at all!

With no weight reduction this beast weighs in at 4260-lbs., but with this record setting pass, you’d never know the difference between this heavyweight and a much lighter street car. We guess you could say that the tapping into the sheer potential of the blown power plant goes a long way toward solving the car’s hefty dilemma.

When we dug further into this record setting fifth-gen, we discovered that Stephen Vigoa’s Camaro isn’t really anything all that much out of the ordinary. In fact, the car retains a slew of stock parts including the converter, rearend, transmission, and suspension. The only aspect that has truly been modified on the car resides under the hood meaning that Steve could easily push the stock bottom end record even further away from oncoming competitors should he decide to play with the car other systems a little bit. A new rear suspension would probably do wonders for the already impressive 1.4-second 60-foot time of this boat.

While the car is fueled by race gas when it makes the record pass, even the modifications under the hood don’t seem too far out of the ordinary. The build is about as complex asĀ stock ported heads, a cam, ported blower, and bolt ons including American Racing headers and a 2.55 upper pulley complimented by a 9.55 lower. With these simple mods, the heavy Chevy was able to muster up a 9.86-second pass at 138mph becoming the new fastest stock bottom end ZL1 in the world!

The guys at KraftWorks must have some insane talent when it comes to tuning software and speccing out heads and cam packages as they manage to do one heck of a job at streamliningĀ this rhinoceros. Check out the record-setter strut its stuff down the 1320′ in the video above.

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