VIDEO: JDP Motorsports’ ZL1 Cruises the Vegas Strip

We’ve all seen them by now; the videos where the cute girl rides shotgun in a high-horsepower Corvette, Camaro or a European exotic while the dude in the driver’s seat manhandles the car in question. They provide an entertaining and often humorous view of the aggression that lie beneath the hood of the vehicle featured, while we all get a chuckle from the girl in the passenger’s seat that’s squealing, laughing and holding on for dear life.

Any way that you look at it, these videos have a tendency to make for quick and easy entertainment from both the girl and the car while our friends in the tuning world have a chance to flaunt their hardware for the whole world to see. Such is the case with this particular example.

Recently, while visiting Las Vegas for SEMA and the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI), Jordan Priestly of JDP Motorsports took model Mireika Edwards out for a spin in his shop Camaro ZL1.

JDPVegas-1With the 5th-gen packing over 850 hp and built for autocross and other handling challenges, the trio hit the streets of Vegas for a little extracurricular activities. Namely, a few short bursts of acceleration and several doughnuts to demonstrate the raw power emitting from the Camaro’s blown and modified LSA.

What makes this video unique, and something we completely dig, is the opening sequence featuring the Vegas skyline and a music score by Kavinsky, ala’ the film, Drive. It lends a cinematic element that usually seems to be absent of other videos in this genre. We hope you enjoy!


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