VIDEO: ZZP at CamaroFest 2018

Started back in 2010, with the release of the then-new 5th-gen Camaro, the annual CamaroFest has become an essential event to the social side of the late-model Camaro community. ZZPerformance was a sponsor of the event this year, and to offer support to their customers and fellow enthusiasts.

ZZPerformance has risen to be a trusted name in the late-model GM aftermarket since their inception nearly 20 years ago. As most of you know, they carry many parts for the 3800 Series engines, as well as Ecotec hardware for bolt-on and boosted applications. They aren’t just a parts retailer either, they have unique products and in-house experts that love the late-model performance, so their sponsorship and attendance of the event is no surprise. 

Held in Bowling Green, KY this year, the 2018 CamaroFest kicked off from July 12th and ran through the 14th. This year’s turnout was massive, and there were Camaros ever all generations as far as the eye can see, and just as many enthusiasts on foot checking out the action.

The event highlights the storied past of the Chevrolet muscle car and gives fans a way to mingle with thousands of other people who love the Camaro. It kicked off with a huge party in the parking lot of the nearby Holiday Inn, and moved onto include drag racing action, autocross, road course racing, and more at the famous NCM Motorsports Park that’s downwind from the Corvette Museum. 

This was ZZP’s first time out at the event, and their presence was definitely felt. They brought their 2.0T Camaros out, the “underdog” of the current Camaro lineup, but ZZP has stepped up to offer a lot of aftermarket support for the LTG engine when a lot of other brands have shied from the challenge. To prove that this is not an engine option to discount as being a ‘little brother’ of the line, they bust out an 11.17 second pass at 119 miles per hour in the quarter mile, making it the fastest 2.0 Camaro in the world!

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