VIDEO: Installing an American Powertrain Hydramax Clutch

Whenever we build vehicles, as enthusiasts, many of us typically forget to put forth as much effort into the transmission as we had our engines. We focus too much on horsepower without worrying about actually putting the power to the pavement first. Now we’e not saying that everyone does this, but more often than not do we hear about a guy building some 1,000+ horsepower turbocharged LS-swapped Camaro, only for him to source a T-56 out of a junkyard or a swap meet.

Ultimately, it let’s go prematurely and he’s left with a broken car.

Happily, our friends at American Powertrain have plenty of solutions, namely, a fortified and modified Tremec Magnum 6-speed transmission that we rely on for Project Redrum. Capable of sustaining 1,000-lb ft of torque, American powertrain warranties their gearboxes for two years and source all of their own products in-house, from the clutch and flywheel, to the slave cylinder and shifter.

You can buy everything under one roof, and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of putting together a transmission that will sustain the use and abuse of your project vehicle. Recently, they’ve announced a 6-speed transmission package for third-generation F-bodies, using Redrum as the guinea pig, for a video series highlighting the hardware.

The third video of the five-part series showcases their Hydramax hydraulic clutch kit, flywheel and slave cylinder. We also take a look at how to space the throwout bearing for the slave cylinder. American Powertrain’s Gray Fredrick and fellow gearhead and TV Personality, Kevin Tetz, walks us through the process.


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