VIDEO: Redline Motorsports Baselines Their Twin-Turbo 6th-Gen

Just a couple of weeks ago, we brought you the sneak peek clip of Redline Motorsports‘ 2016 Camaro SS, complete with a prototype twin-turbo kit attached to the manually-shifted LT1. With nothing more than a conservative tune and an otherwise factory setup (including fuel system), the car put down a rather respectable 650 horsepower to the tires from its prototype twin-turbo kit and HP Tuners calibration.

After a set of lightweight Weld Racing RT-S wheels and stickier rubber have been applied, as well as a few cosmetic touches such as tinted windows (because South Florida), a front splitter, Berger-style blackout wrap and Corvette Grand Sport style fender stripes, Howard & Co. took the Camaro to Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) during the Street Car Drags to see just what the fruits of their efforts resulted in.

As it turned out, the best pass of the day was a 10.55 at 142.28 mph run with a 1.82 short time. Howard admits that he’s just scratching the surface of this platform, and is looking for solid 9s during their return to PBIR in a couple of weeks.

Now keep in mind, that this is merely the R&D and prototype phase and the idea of this outing was to ensure that these kits would function properly under their intended uses. It should also be pointed out that the boost is dialed in at an equally conservative 9-psi.

Of course there’s more room to work with and there’s a lot of power being left on the table. Tanner is aware that there have been other cars that have already dipped in the 10s and even the 9s, but he’s not simply looking to set records or to be the first to break into a lower E.T. bracket. He wants to offer his customers reliable, functional and high-quality hardware that will last pas after pass, season after season. There’s much more to come from this Camaro – including an engine packing a much larger cubic capacity. We can’t wait.


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