VIDEO: Twin-Turbo 6th-gen Putting Down 657 RWHP!

With the new Camaro just starting to trickle into dealers it’s no surprise shops like Redline Motorsports in Pompano Beach, Florida are all over it. It’s smaller, lighter and more powerful, and apparently, much more responsive to modifications than its predecessor. Just a couple weeks ago Redline took delivery of their 8-speed automatic SS, and just this morning, had the car laying down some impressive numbers with their soon to be released twin-turbo 6th-gen system. Smacking down 657 rwhp and 633 lb-ft of torque is some pretty impressive numbers through the slush box.

In speaking with Howard Tanner, owner of Redline Motorsports, we were advised that this “mule” system is using a “very large set” of turbos as the stock motor will be out shortly, in lieu of a larger displacement engine. “We wanted to just make sure the system was going to respond properly and weren’t too worried about the numbers.”

He also added, “Our Street 1 level system will use a smaller set of turbos which will work better with the stock 376 cubic inch LT1, the current stock fuel system is also at its limit and we see the Street 1 system being around 640 wheel.” Their Street 2 setup with some fuel system upgrades is estimated to be closer to 700 wheel and their “all-out race package” will support well over 1000 horsepower when combined with their standalone fuel system. Howard dialed in the ECU with HP Tuners‘ 2.25 Beta Tune and Logging software.

The crew at Redline has also advised us that a coil over suspension with upgraded chassis parts are also near completion. Looks like we have some cool stuff to keep looking out for, as this is already shaping up to be one very impressive twin-turbo 6th-gen Camaro!



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