VIDEO: Magnuson Developing Poly-Composite LT1 Supercharger System

Magnuson has a new supercharger system in the works, and it’s going to be a bit of a game changer. As this system edges closer to being released, Magnuson is teasing with short glimpses of the unit, and demonstrations like this one. The new TVSR4116 LT Poly-Composite Supercharger System is going to make owning a sixth -generation Camaro or C7 Corvette a little sweeter.

So, you might be wondering why this system is such a big deal — there are already LT Maggies out there, what does it matter? Because the poly-composite construction means big changes for the supercharger system itself, in a very good way! We don’t have exact numbers from Magnuson, so bare with us, but we do know a little bit about what this material will mean for the system.

A poly-composite supercharger is going to have advantages over other similar systems. The main places you’re going to see the benefits will be the weight savings (which is huge) and cooler charger air temperatures.

What this could mean for power ifs not yet known. Like we said, we don’t have exact figures from Magnuson (yet) to compare them to any other systems they offer. What’s available now for the LT1s is going to be hard to top. Their TVS2300 Heartbeat Supercharger has put down 552 RWHP on a 2016 Camaro SS, so it’s pretty safe to say it will be more than that.

Now to the brief video. We get our first look at the poly-composite system, and it looks pretty interesting. It’s obviously not prepped for shipment or anything, but it’s cool to get to see it in its earlier stages. The demonstrator explains that it’s made from a special plastic that’s stronger than nylon, but with the same benefits.

When it’s put to the test, everything goes smoothly. Now we’re really excited to see this thing hit the market, and better yet get installed on a car. We’ll pass along updates as they come, so stay tuned!maggie-2

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