PROFORM Announces LS Oil Pump Primer Tools

Official Release:

LS & HEMI III Oil Pump Primer Tools
NEW Patent Pending Tools Make a Time-Consuming Job That Much Easier!

There are a few ways to prime your engine. You could use a costly pressurized tank and go through one of the feed lines close to the filter creating a huge mess in the process OR get your hands on this cool tool for priming your LS or HEMI V8 Engine: PROFORM’s patent-pending Oil Pump Primer Tool. Constructed from hardened anodized aluminum, this tool makes a time-consuming job quick and easy. 

During a new engine build, you can prime the engine with the timing chain cover on, and before the oil pump drive is installed; slip the tool over the crankshaft like a deep-well socket, snugging into the splines of the oil pump. Then with a 3/8-inch drill adapter, begin priming, taking between 30 to 45 seconds. Next, quarter turn your engine manually and repeat the priming cycle for one full engine rotation. This tool is not for straight from the factory stuff, but then again neither is your engine! That’s because the OEM oil pump drive gear will not come off the factory crankshaft, you must have an aftermarket setup with a separate oil pump drive gear on it. Each sold separately.

LS Engine Oil Pump Primer Tool ….…….P/N 67569

HEMI Gen III Oil Pump Primer Tool ……P/N 67570


  • Fits Engines with Aftermarket Removable Drive Gear
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Fits Over Crankshaft into Splines of the Oil Pump
  • Uses a 3/8 in. Drill Adapter
  • Sold Individually
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