Announcing the 2021 750HP V8 AWD Syclone From SVE

For those of us who have simply been jonesing over a new GMC Syclone since 1992, there’s a solution. You may remember the announcement of a 2019 version from our friends at Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) last year, but there’s an encore!

Official Release:

2021 750HP V8 AWD Syclone From SVE

Most trucks are made to haul stuff. Think of the 2021 Syclone® as a super truck that hauls ass! Now in the spirit of the legendary 1st gen. GMC Syclone®, Specialty Vehicle Engineering introduces the 2021 Limited Edition V8 supercharged Syclone® with full time all wheel drive.


That’s how much power this 5.3L V8 engine delivers (600 lb. ft. of torque) and features a blueprinted L83 aluminum block; computer-balanced, race-quality rotating assembly including forged 1538MV twisted steel crankshaft; forged H-beam rods; forged aluminum pistons; modified L83 high flow cylinder heads with ARP high- strength head and main studs; our own OEM-quality centrifugal supercharger with a 33% larger 8-rib belt drive system; an upgraded high and low pressure fuel system with high-flow injectors; state-of-the-art high efficiency air-to-water intercooler system; and custom stainless steel exhaust system with high-flow cats.

Based off the 2021 Canyon extended cab/short bed truck, and available in any factory color, these 750hp supercharged super trucks will go very fast, literally!

Need to haul with a sense of urgency? This extended cab, short bed pickup truck on steroids is more than up to the task. The super truck is not a new idea however this Syclone® version could easily qualify as the fastest limited* production mid-size pickup truck in the world.

For more than 25 years, Specialty Vehicle Engineering (formerly SLP) has been a Second Stage Vehicle Manufacturer and Tier One Supplier to GM and its dealers, having built over 55,000 cars, trucks, and SUV specialty vehicles; making us the #1 GM Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer in the USA!

Not only did we swap in a V8, we supercharged it, provided the beefiest, fastest shifting transmission available, and included AWD. Yes, you read that correctly; FULL-TIME ALL-WHEEL DRIVE! We thought it was only fitting to include all of these great performance features to maintain the Syclone®’s iconic image. Since the V8 L83 engine is almost identical in weight to the V6, it doesn’t change the vehicle weight distribution.

The optional leather seat trim package features a leather surround with a leather insert, and is available in two colors to match the available factory interior colors. The leather seat trim packages are accented by red and white stitching on black seats (1) and black and white stitching on Cocoa Dune seats (2), with the Syclone® V8 Supercharged logo embroidered in red on the front headrests (stock headrests as well).

*Only 50 2021 GMC Canyon-based 750hp Syclone® Super Trucks will be built.

The Syclone® 750HP vehicle package is not emission legal in California, and can only be legally used while participating in sanctioned motorsports racing events.

For More Information contact Specialty Vehicle Engineering at (732) 240-3696 ext. 173

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