1992 Heidts Test Camaro Crosses Mecum Block Unsold

Photos from Mecum listing

Sometimes, it takes the right enthusiast at the right time to show up, someone who will truly appreciate a unique car and see it’s value, to buy a car at an auction. The right buyer did not show up to pick up this unique test mule 1992 Camaro at a recent Mecum auction. It was built up by Heidts, a leader in aftermarket suspension, and it’s kind of a shame that it went unappreciated on the auction block.

Unsold from the March 24th-25th Kansas City 2017 Mecum auction, many people missed the chance to own a Camaro that would be an amazing autocross or road racing car. Heidts used this Camaro as a fitment test vehicle, and the suspension has been completely upgraded with their rear independent suspension package, 3-point strut tower brace, inner and outer subframe connectors, adjustable coil-overs, shocks, tubular K-member with 2-degrees of antidive, and tubular lower control arms.

The car has the ride characteristics of a modern day sports car, with the third-gem looks, it seems like it’s a win all around for a lot of people.

The only downside to this car is that it’s riding on a fully built suspension, but still has the stock 305 engine and automatic in it. This could easy be remedied with a crate engine, or even just a few parts thrown at the 305 — and if nothing else, the engine will never out power the suspension work!

According to a post on ThirdGen.org, they were planning on selling the test mule Camaro for $10k, which is only a little bit more than it would cost to buy all those suspension pieces and put them on a third-gen. Heidts is also only the second owner of this super clean Camaro. There are no rips or wear in the interior of this t-top car, no rust issues, and it even has 18-inch aftermarket IROC wheels with disc brakes all around!

*It should be noted that the Camaro has left Heidts’ hands within the last year, with the succeeding owner now reselling the car. Heidts claims no responsibility for the vehicle’s as-is condition, or its current format. — Ed.

Mecum Highlights:

  • Heidts test car
  • Upgraded with Heidts Independent rear suspension
  • 305 CI V-8 engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Z03 Heritage Appearance Package
  • T-Tops

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