GMEFI Picks the Top Five Styling Upgrades for 4th-Gen Camaro from IROC Motorsports

Fourth-generation Camaros are the best way to land a great performance car, for not a ton of money. Built between 1993-2002, and available with V8 powertrains with an output of 275hp-345hp, the 4th-gen is where it’s at for a young hot-rodder, or someone wanting to go “old-school.”

Of course, you can argue that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, so thankfully, there are aftermarket outlets who can lend a hand in providing some additional style to set you apart from the rest. Enter IROC Motorsports, and their team of aesthetically gifted designers. Hailing from Florida, and offering an array of styling pats for all Camaros from 1982-2021, they’re quickly becoming one of the “go-to’s” for your personalization needs.

Flipping through their online catalog, and it dawned on us how we would build a fourth-gen, using their products. We’ve selected our favorites below:

1.) Carbon Fiber Roof Panels

If you own a fourth-gen, particularly a later example, you’re all too-familiar with the bubbling roof that plagues these cars. Apparently, GM sourced some bad adhesive to affix the roof to the car, that seeped through the paint, causing the bubbles typically found on the sides of the B-pillar.

This fixes that for good and adds a nice, high-end touch of carbon fiber. You can also order it in fiberglass as well. This fits all ’93-’02 Camaro/Firebird coupes and can be painted to match the car.

2.) Front Splitter


These are cool. Adding additional downforce and style to your F-body, this is another play on the late-model Corvette Z06 and ZR1. They feature a simple bolt-on installation and additional, tasteful cosmetics that were never even thought of for these cars ten years ago. If you’re about style and increased handling from your F-body (especially on a Camaro), we would scoop these up!

Available in the standard and their newly-released “Q-Edition” splitter flavor, there are now two distinctive options from IROC in terms of splitter style!

We should note that ground clearance is reduced by a 1/4-inch, so if your car is slammed to the ground and you live in an area riddled with speed bumps or steep inclines, proceed with caution.

3.) “Whistler” Headlights

Whistler Headlights

A classic, tried and true styling mod for ’98-02 Camaros, these Whistler headlights give your “catfish” a more aggressive look that has plagued the front end of these cars since their unveiling in the Fall of ’97. Although simple to manufacture yourself, many enthusiasts lack the time, patience, know-how or determination to remove their headlights, disassemble them, stick them in an oven, paint them, reassemble and reinstall them into their car.

Or, would rather not modify their original lenses for those who care about that sort of thing. Now you can order them from IROC Motorsports and have them delivered to your door ready to install!

Whistler Headlights

4.) Canards/Rear Splash Guards

Are yoCamaro Canards u sick of the dust, mud and other debris covering the sides of your rear bumper? Don’t you hate when after you’ve spent all day cleaning your ride, that you have to break out the quick detailer and microfiber towel as soon as you hit up the local cruise spot? After dealing with this ourselves for nearly 20 years, we are!

And as functional as a set of mud flaps would be, we’re not interested. IROC Motorsports solves all of this with these canards. Featuring simple installation, they’re perfect for those with wider than OEM wheels as they have a tendency to stick out slightly further than stock. These provide a more flushed look in those cases, and when paired with the front splitter, really ties the whole car in together.

5.) Wicker Bill Add-On for SS Rear Spoiler

Do you have an SS, or have an SS spoiler, but think that it needs something a little bit more? IROC takes the factory SS spoiler to the next level, and into the 21st century, with this Wicker Bill add-on. It simply screws into your factory SS spoiler (or aftermarket reproduction).

It adds style, and functional aero, to the rear of the car that the factory simply didn’t address back in the day.

There’s more you can do with your 4th-gen Camaro through IROC Motorsports, and there’s also plenty of products for 5th- and 6th-gen Camaro. Check them out HERE.

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