eBay Find of the Day: One of a Kind 1988 Chevrolet Camaro LT5/ZR1

Unique Camaro for Auction

Having been recently released from the General Motors Heritage Collection, this concept is an exclusive piece of Chevy history. It was originally built as a 1991 SEMA show car by legend John Moss, who made some of the most influential high-performance GM vehicles in the late ’80s and ’90s. Shown around the U.S. as a part of the Camaro’s Legends tour, this car is looking for a new home on eBay right now.

This Camaro was never intended to be sold to the public but during the bankruptcy crunch of 2008-09, it and 200 of its corporate cousins, were sold through Barrett-Jackson. As third-gens are becoming increasingly more valuable, this car might be the ultimate collectible third-gen Camaro. The actual car was a test vehicle, as the seller believes it’s one of two prototypes for the 1992 25th-Anniversary Edition Camaro (It was – Ed.).

Outside of just being a really unique SEMA car, this Camaro is the only OEM commissioned vehicle with an LT5 DOHC ZR-1 engine that’s not a Corvette. In 1990, the car was rebuilt and badged as a heavily modified Z28 with accommodations made for the new engine.

The engine came fresh from the assembly line as a 1991-spec LT5 engine, and is stock outside of the exhaust manifolds and a/c compressor. It’s backed by a ZF 6-speed transmission with CAGS skip-shift (maybe that’s not a huge selling point, but unique for the times).

The intake manifold is aluminum, with two air boxes that are coated to match the color of the ZR1 aluminum engine. It’s running a custom exhaust system, which likely sounds a lot like a ZR-1 Vette with custom exhaust — check out this clip if you want to know what we’re talking about.

Its Pearl White paint with Atari Purple and Neon Green graphics make this Camaro hard to ignore. Although, we’d be paying attention anyways as soon as we heard those ZR-1 exhaust notes coming out of an ’88 Camaro. The chassis has been treated to factory 1LE brakes and suspension parts.

The ‘second life’ build only has about 200 miles on it, while the chassis has 7,000 miles total. The ‘technical’ original owner of the one-off Z28 has had it for seven years after acquiring it from General Motors. Check out the listing here, and let us know if you are bidding on this historical Camaro so we can follow the life of this interesting car.


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