Charging Forward: Welcome to GM EFI!

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You might already know who I am, or you may have never even heard of me before. Either way, I was once the Editor of a very popular automotive niche print magazine involving late-model GM vehicles. Before that, I worked for an online-based automotive publication company. Both were great gigs, but now, I’m the Editor and Founder of the latest creation you have laid your eyes on: GM EFI Magazine.

Being an obvious acronym for General Motors Electronic Fuel Injection, the name speaks for itself in terms of what you can expect to find here. We’ll be covering GM vehicles and GM powerplants from the mid-‘80s, all the way up today. We’ll also feature and build EFI-powered classic (i.e, pre-’85) GM vehicles on occasion, too!

GM EFI consists of some of the biggest names in the industry; top-notch veteran writers, photographers, videographers, and even a few well-respected tuning experts will be lending their expertise along the way. We’re confident that GM EFI will be your one-stop shop for all of your late-model GM stories, news, information, and technical insights.

We’ll be right there with you at the major race events; such as the Holley LS Fest, LSX Shootout, LTX Shootout, the Buick GS Nationals and others, to bring you the racing coverage you would expect from a late-model GM-focused magazine. Oh, and you can rely on us for industry news, new product updates and testing, and exclusive videos from our team, daily! You can also expect a monthly reader’s rides section, a Q&A tech section, an Editor’s column and much, much more!

The best part, is that our publishing company is privately owned; we don’t have stockholders to appease, we don’t have any bean counters to make bad decisions, and best of all, no company board to answer to. Since we’re low key and found only online, we don’t have the overhead of an expensive print publication, either. Simply put, that means GM EFI comes exclusively to your desktop or mobile device, 24/7, absolutely FREE! No more shelling out your hard-earned dollars for outdated information and no more searching the newsstands all over your city trying to find your favorite publication.

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Now, I’m a firm believer in that you get what you pay for, but I would like to think that GM EFI will be one of the very few exceptions to that unwritten rule. I understand that some of you might still prefer to hold a “tangible,” print magazine – made from glossy paper and jam-packed full of the latest content that comes to your door 6-12 times a year. As someone who has been reading car mags since grade school and whom himself still has a massive collection of back issues of magazines dating back to the ’80s, I totally get it.

But at the rate of speed information travels in the 21st century, we want to be the leader of GM enthusiast magazines, not trailing somewhere in the back playing catch-up with the digital brands in the industry. We want you to learn, directly from us, the latest information regarding late-model GM vehicles right along with our staff, not some six months after the fact. We also want to learn from you, about what you like, don’t like and what type of content you want to see from GM EFI in the future.

So whether you own a TPI, LT- or LS-powered vehicle, a boosted V6, or even a pressurized EcoTec 4-pot, you can bet you’ll see it here! We won’t be able to make everyone happy, but you can bet we’re going to do very our best to bring you the highest quality product our experienced staff can muster. Like you, it’s our love and passion for GM vehicles that drives us to work harder than the next guy and it’s something that you’ll come to expect from GM EFI.

-Rick Seitz

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