VIDEO: Winter Time LS Street Racing Insanity

While we don’t condone street racing, this video had too many LS vehicles for us to pass up, so we decided to make a little exception and bring to you one badass grouping of cars that went at it on some backroads during a wintry night in December.

From simple setups like bolt-on LS1 cars as we see with the GTO and fourth-gen Camaro to more advanced racers like the heads/cam Corvette C6 Z06 and nitrous infused Ford Ranger from the dark side, there were a slew of evenly matched races in this one that made for some entertaining matchups. We’re even treated to some additional roll races toward the end.

Perhaps our favorite build in this one is the Chevrolet Silverado that resides somewhere way out in left field. Not only is this Silvy equipped with a D1SC ProCharger kit, but it also is lifted! Needless to say, the lifted LS performance truck is an endangered breed to say the least. This may be the fastest of its kind! Best of all, the truck doesn’t back down from a fight as it is just as much of a competitor as the rest of the racers.

When you sprinkle in a cammed 5th-generation Camaro and a Pontiac G8 along with some icy cold weather to ensure maximum power, you have yourself one heck of a video! These guys just better hope that their drag radials can still do the trick!

Check out the racing insanity and tell us which of these matchups is your favorite. Which set of cars didn’t get to square off that you’d like to see go at it? We think that CTS-V would be an interesting matchup for the truck and F-body.


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