VIDEO: 17-Year Old Girl Rocks out in Twin-Turbo LSx-Powered ’68 Camaro

Everybody remembers their first car. For your author, a supercharged 2001 Grand Prix GTP resided in my driveway at the age of sixteen, and personally, I was just a tiny bit misled into thinking that it was the fastest thing in the streets at the time as most of us probably did with our first ride.

Unlike the childhood illusions of many, the girl in this video, who also happens to be the youngest-ever competitor ever to take place in Drag Week, might actually have one of the fastest cars in the streets and she obtained it at the young age of sixteen.

Last year, the impressive Camaro showed up at Drag Week with a naturally-aspirated LS1 build that was good for an 11-second pass. This year, Alex is now seventeen and the build has taken a little bit of a u-turn. Currently, it boasts a stock 6.0L LS engine featuring a set of Borg Warner twin 66mm turbos making peak boost at 19psi. All of the power is backed up by your everyday 4L80E transmission and when all is said and done, tires meet pavement with 1300hp in between.

What’s the best part of this incredibly cool story? The 1968 Camaro doubles as a daily driver when it isn’t killing the competition at Drag Week! The car is fitted with everything from air conditioning to a radio – which is impressive when you consider the fact that the car traps nearly 155 mph matched with a 9.06-second elapsed time in the quarter-mile.

At 17-years old it, doesn’t get too much better than this. We can’t wait to see what Alex has in store for this ’68 Camaro for next year’s Drag Week.

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