VIDEO: The ’04 GTO Bolt-On Record Has Been Broken!

Many enthusiasts on the East Coast and in the Midwest typically think the month of December as part of the “off-season,” where frigid temperatures, snow, ice and salty roads limit the use of their pride and joy to garage queen status. However, not everyone was snuggled up by the fire on one late-December afternoon – as a group of LS1-heads were tearing up the Atco Raceway dragstrip in search of a new record. In particular, the 2004 GTO bolt-on record.

The owner of this ’04 GTO pulled out all of the stops and set his sights high. His car, packing a stock long block and rear differential, is fed oxygen through an OTR cold-air induction kit, a FAST 92mm throttle body and intake manifold and expels the spent gases through Kooks long-tubes, X-pipe and exhaust dumps.

The only other listed engine mods consist of an electric water pump and a Ronster speed density tune.

The Goat has been put on a severe diet, too, thanks to an almost complete gutting of the trunk and interior GTORecord-1while a Corbeau racing seat replaces the OEM piece.  The only modifications to the suspension and chassis include a DSS driveshaft and a pair of adjustable QA1 shocks in the rear.

According to the information provided, a 4,000-stall Circle D torque converter sits behind the LS1, helping the 3,240-lb. GTO land an 11.71 at 116.05 mph through the traps at Atco – four hundredths of a second quicker than the previous record of 11.75!

According to the crew, they’re just getting started. We wish them good luck in 2015 and thank Chad Lucas, the owner of the red Z28 in this clip, for the tip!



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