VIDEO: How-To Use HP Tuners Credits

When it comes down to fine-tuning your vehicle, HP Tuners puts so much control at your fingertips. From the DIY engine builder, to the top shops in the country, this tuning software has consistently been a favorite. Their credit system is extremely fair and caters to pretty much anyone, but if you’re just getting started, you may have questions. After watching this HP Tuners credit explanatory video from The Tuning School, we picked up on a few key things you need to know about them.

For the most part, it takes two credits from the HP Tuners software to license one vehicle. HP Tuners comes with 8 credits, so you can tune 4 different vehicles right away. To check your credits, open the editor to your laptop, open the License Info and click on the HP logo, you’ll then be able to scroll down and find out how many you used, and how many you have.

To buy more credits, you’ll find where they can be purchased for GM, Ford, and Dodge here. Keep in mind that each vehicle will need at least two credits, some newer vehicles will need four. You’ll have to enter the serial number for your unit as they are specific to this number once purchased (so double and triple check the number). Once you’ve ordered the credits, grab the application code that’s sent to you via email, and plug it into your editor by clicking Update Application Key. The credits won’t go active until the next time you plug into the hardware. After downloading your tune file to your software, you can use your credits.

As far as shop owners are concerned, they typically buy the credits in packs. For those tuners, they can buy the whole model year, this would make the most sense for shops. That requires going to the HP Tuners site and buying the pack for the year and model. Once you buy those credits, you’ll be able to unlock the entire year model the first time you tune that car. For instance, after the first time you unlock the pack for one 2004 GTO, you’ll be set for the next time you tune a 2004 GTO.

The credit process is really simple, and now you’re on your way to tuning like a pro! Check back for more HP Tuner tips and tricks.


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