VIDEO: 700+HP All-Motor LS3

We all know the LS engine is an amazing platform to build big and reliable power, and today we get to check out Higgins Race Heads‘ newest street/strip LS3. They have put together a solid and extremely high-performing package to showcase the capabilities of their new  heads.

But first a little background about Higgins Race Heads. The company is the collaboration of two highly-respected and accomplished figures in Australian cylinder head design and manufacturing; John Konstandinou, and Nathan Higgins. John Konstandinou, founded a company by the name of CHI, and was assembling cylinder heads and intake manifolds for some of the top engine builders in Australia. His heads and intakes have won more Engine Master Competitions than any other brand.

Nathan Higgins is also highly decorated and respected in Australia. His heads have had success in the very top motorsports classes in his home country.  His knowledge of air flow and machining have helped him to build at least four Bathurst-winning V8 Supercar engines, three Summernats Horsepower Heroes and even landed success with speedboats.

Both Nathan and John have worked closely together on different projects and overtime, Higgins Race Heads and Competition Induction Design (CID) have joined forces to bring their expertise and skill under one roof. And in joining forces they have created a cylinder head for the LS3 engine that is ready to make big power out of the box. And the head isn’t your typical one size fits all, they can create a custom head to meet your specific goals. In the video we have the opportunity to see their heads hard at work.

The foundation of their guinea pig is an LS3 bored and stroked out to 419 ci. using quality components from Callies; such as a forged crankshaft, billet forged 11.7.1 pistons and forged 6.125-inch connecting rods. With Pac double valvesprings, a FAST 102mm intake and throttle body and a hydraulic roller cam on a pump gas tune, they were able to produce 705 horsepower without a power adder or exotic parts  – showcasing just how well their heads flow when working in perfect harmony with an otherwise competent selection of parts.

So if you find yourself in the market for high-flowing casting heads for your LS3 project, check out Higgins Race Heads and see what they can do for you. In the meantime, enjoy the sweet sounds of a 700-plus horsepower LS3 on the dyno.


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