VIDEO: YearOne’s Olds 442 Project

As most of you know by now, GM EFI is all about those late-model, EFI-equipped performance vehicles by General Motors. As we mention in our Mission Statement, we’re geared towards everything from ’80s TPI and Turbo Buick, to today’s Gen-V LT1 and twin-turbo direct-injected V6.

Despite this, we simply can’t ignore the hugely popular trend of dropping late-model powertrains into classic GM musclecars. They offer the perfect blend of beautiful, timeless styling with modern power, performance, and efficiency. So you might just be seeing a bit of those from time to time right here as well.

Recently, we caught wind of YearOne‘s latest project, an LS-powered, pro-touring ’66 Oldsmobile 442 that they’re finishing up for one of their return customers.  Sporting an impressive list of goodies like massive Baer brakes, Grip Equipped wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport tires, a FAST 102mm intake manifold, and a low-restriction air filter, this car appears to be the compete package.

Knowing how YearOne’s GhostWorks Garage rolls, a set of high-flowing heads, a lumpy camshaft, long-tube headers, and a low-restriction exhaust are probably part of the package as well.  As YearOne’s Keith Maney, points out, the cruising season is almost over, and if you have any last-minute parts for your classic GM vehicle to check out their website.

YearOne also dabbles with late-model G-body and 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-gen Camaros, too, so they may just have a performance or cosmetic item you need for your project car. We especially dig their retro-style snowflake wheels for 3rd- and 4th-gen Firebirds, ourselves…

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