VIDEO: Livernois Stage 2+ Package Rocks This 2014 Camaro

The guys at Livernois Motorsports are among our many friends in the late-model performance world. When we heard they were dyno’ing a 2014 Camaro SS with their signature Stage 2 Package, we had to check it out. Thankfully, they made a video out of it so we can see the results for ourselves.

The 2014 Camaro SS rolled off the factory line ready to tear up the street, but who wants to leave their car stock? If you do, that’s fine, but a lot of horsepower junkies can’t wait to get to work on their cars. Since the 5th-generation Camaro SS has been around for a while, there’s a few comprehensive packages out there, one of our favorites is the Stage 2 package fro Livernois Motorsports.

This package is designed specifically for the already powerful 6.2L engine. Livernois put together this package with their Windstorm Cold Air Intake System, Evenflo thermostat, Thunderstorm exhaust, and MyCal tuner. It’s made to give the 5th-gen a little boost of power, while giving it a more aggressive tone.

For this 2014 Camaro SS, the owner wanted a little more power than the regular Stage 2 had to offer. In addition to the base components, it has Powerstorm Street Series CNC-ported LS3 heads, Powerstorm 2R-MAXX cam, Powerstorm billet rocker bar system, X-pipe and ported FAST intake manifold. To bring it all together, they did custom dyno tuning so the car with operate with optimum performance.

With a baseline dyno pull of 391 WHP and 390 WTQ, it was time to put the package to the test. The results of everything put together added up to 497 WHP and 449 WTQ. That’s a very impressive 106 horsepower gain and 69 extra lbs.-ft. of torque. That’s a response out of the Camaro without going too extreme with the build. This package is definitely worth checking out for 5th-gen owners.


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