Video: BP Automotive Demonstrates Quality EFI Simplified LS Swap Harness

When it comes to engine swapping two letters come to mind: L and S. The LS engine has become one of the most popular power plants to swap into any car. The reliability of the LS, combined with high horsepower numbers, and the fact that it will fit into almost any car, with relative ease makes this Chevy small block the perfect engine for project cars. However, an issue that plagues every builder beginner, and pro alike, is the wiring harness. Engines themselves are easy, sure there’s a lot of moving parts but there all big and easily maneuverable wiring harnesses are different.

If you make one tiny mistake when hooking or making your wiring harness your engine’s timing could be off, or it could suffer catastrophic engine failure or heck it just might not even start. Luckily, our friends at BP Automotive have created a solution with their custom-made LS/LT engine swap wiring harnesses. Finally, gone are the days of struggling to understand the hundreds of little wires and electrical workings of your engine now you can just kick back relax, and enjoy working on your engine without having to wonder if you accidentally cut something you shouldn’t have, or crossed the wrong wires, or if certain wires will be negatively affected by the heat of your engine.

BP Automotive will design and build a custom wiring harness for your engine to allow you to ensure only the highest quality in your work. This is achieved through their dedication and hard work, they give their all so that their customers can do the same. At the end of the day, the name of the game is working hard to create something you can be proud of and that’s what this company is all about. BP Automotive is dedicated to making high-quality products to help others build their dream just as the company’s founder Bill Hillock built his.

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