VIDEO: AmericanTrucks Installs LED Fog Lights into a 2019-21 Silverado

Upgrading your truck can be one of the best investments that you can make, if you pick the right quality parts. Just small, subtle upgrades can make your check not only more aesthetically pleasing, but potentially more functional. Such is the case with these new LED fog lights from AmericanTrucks.

If you own a 2019-2021 Silverado these are perfect if you’re either a.) missing the OEM light option, or b.) have the standard-type fog lights from General Motors. Either way, these new LED fogs are an awesome upgrade for a great price — far less expensive than the OEM GM part. Street cost? Around $200 — roughly $800 less than the OEM replacement units.

Just from AmericanTrucks gives us a product overview, showcasing the quality, overall assembly and mentions the fact that they essentially use the same type of housing as the ones from Chevrolet, pbut include LED lighting — a direct bolt-in, and plug & play for those who had had their trucks in a fender bender, or want a fresh replacement and LED lighting upgrade.

If your truck has the OEM LED headlights, the 3000 lumen bulbs match the headlight brightness and color as well. If you continue to follow along with the video, AmericanTrucks also show s how to install them into your 2019-21 Silverado, step-by-step. You can order these LED foglight directly from AmericanTrucks HERE. If you would prefer them smoked, to tie-in better with the lower back plastic valance in the lower portion of the bumper, you can get those from AmericanTrucks, HERE.

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