VIDEOS: Installing Bumper Fillers Into Your G-body Regal

If there’s anything we dislike about ’80s GM vehicles, its the low-quality plastic bumper fillers that were used in many of their mid-size and full-size sedans. Such is the case with the ’81-87 G-body Buick Regal. As these cars age and are exposed to outdoor elements, the fillers have a tendency to bubble, crack, and ultimately, completely disintegrate. Project Wicked6 was just such a car that suffered from this problem at one point.

There are plenty of ways to remedy this, such as replacing them with NOS OEM pieces which are rare, expensive and will inevitably suffer the same fate of the originals. Or you can score a set of aftermarket plastic or fiberglass fillers from various outlets, that can sometimes have problems lining up properly or have questionable quality issues.

This has been what owners of Turbo Buicks have been dealing with since the ’90s. Until recently, they had no other choice but to roll the dice on either of these two options. Now however, a new company called Spoolfool Productions, has come along to offer Buick owners a high-quality, long-lasting product that’s designed to fit the lines of your Buick perfectly. To ensure this, Spoolfool himself, aka, Mike Barnard, designed the fillers with unique mounting holes that help the car owner line up the fillers to the body correctly.

SPOOLFOOLVIDEOAs he states in the video, not too many Regals these days have the exact same dimensions as they had when they left the factory, and plenty of them have been in accidents or have had body work down from rust repair. But the really cool thing about them is that the rear filler is one piece, and eliminates the ugly two-pieces overlap section that resides in the fuel filler neck well of the stock rear filler section. We could go on and on about them, but we’ll let Mike take it away from here!

Check out Part 2 to this video, where Mike installs the one-piece filler.

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