VIDEO: NOS Dry Fogger Nozzles for Stages 1-2-3

Thanks to electronic fuel injection and sophisticated engine management, today’s options for nitrous systems and capacity are far more than they used to be. Engine builders are using nitrous to reach power levels we never thought were possible, and kits are getting pretty extreme. From stage 5 on your promod race car, to a single stage system on your weekend racer, when you combine a dry shot nitrous system with a good EFI kit, you’re able to dominate the pavement.

In this video, Jeremy Stoermer from Holley/NOS explains why using systems like the Holley Dominator EFI vehicle management system, and Holley HP EFI engine management system are winning combinations with dry nitrous kits, and why their dry shot nozzles are the best options out there.

NOS is always looking for new ways to help you make more power, that’s why they developed their first dedicated dry fogger nozzles in 1, 2, or 3 stage designs. These can be used in a single nozzle capacity, or combined for the ultimate in performance.

The single stage dry fogger nozzle is made of 303 stainless steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. They have a straight, 180 degree flow pattern for direct nitrous delivery.

The stage two and three nozzles are made from billet titanium, making them up to 45% lighter than steel, and about twice as strong as aluminum.

They share the same features as the single stage nozzle, with added internal profiling to minimize restrictions and maximize flow.

All three versions of the NOS dry shot fogger nozzles have 1/16-inch NPT threads and 0.150” internal orifice for free flow. These nozzles can be used individually, or can be combined for a strong nitrous system, so if stage two or three isn’t enough, you can definitely go bigger with these nozzles.

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