VIDEO: The AWD Cutlass is Back and at the Half-Mile!

In case you missed it the last time we’ve featured it, this ’82 Cutlass is a Lingenfelter-built, 403ci. LS2-powered G-body, packing a P1SC ProCharger and an all-wheel drive unit from a Trailblazer SS – that Brian fabricated himself in his own garage. With a pair of chains hooked to the car, Brian pulled one of the fiercest AWD burnouts we’ve ever seen on YouTube.

No, there’s not a kit that you can buy, and no, there aren’t any blueprints or detailed specifics that Brian’s willing to share to the world. So please, no more emails or Facebook questions. However, Brian’s not one to hide his car away in the garage – he’s often seen at his local dragstrip, cruising through his neighborhood, or more recently, at the Platte County Corvette Club Half-Mile Shootout in Wakefield, Nebraska.

Just this weekend, he went up against a whole host of Corvettes, Camaros, and other late-model and classic musclecars in an attempt to see who could top the highest trap speed in the 2640-ft. – on public streets! Obviously closed off from passing traffic, with police and emergency vehicles on the scene, Brian’s AWD Cutlass held its own at the event. In fact, it won the award for the most-consitent of all the entrants of the day, at 158 mph!

When we spoke to Mr. King about his car and the event earlier, he was proud of his accomplishment, but relates, “my wife thinks it’s too fast.” Of course that’s not going to stop him from making it slightly faster. Plans are already in place to swap out the aging P1SC for an F1-X. At press time, Brian wasn’t completely sure where his car placed overall, but we’ll keep an eye out for the final results on the Platte County Corvette Club’s website for the full details!

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