VIDEO: TCI Automotive’s Auto-X 4L60E Transmission Package

Up to this point, the 4L60E has been the Achilles heel for the late-model GM crowd. While being an OK transmission for the casual enthusiast and the owner of the stock daily-driven F-body, they were never known for their durability on the dragstrip despite the efforts of some of the best guys in the industry. It was possible to make them stout, but even after 20 years their reputation still proceeds them.

When it comes to autocross or road racing, forget it. The slush box could only deal with so much abuse and was never really able to upshift or downshift quick enough to make it a reliable gearbox on a circuit – until now. Our friends at TCI Automotive have announced at SEMA 2014 their latest accomplishment; the Auto-X GM LS 4L60E Transmission Package!

Official Release:

TCI Automotive Auto-X GM LS 4L60E Transmission Package

The new TCIĀ AUTO-X GM LS 4L60E Transmission Package provides engine braking for all GM LS and 1998-2002 F-Body applications. It includes a TCIĀ EZ-TCU, as well as a paddle shifter.

In autocross, road racing or off-road competitions, engine braking is a necessity when slowing down to enter turns. The TCIĀ AUTO-X GM LS 4L60E Transmission PackageĀ offers crucial engine braking capability in first, TCI Auto-X-1second and third gear when the shifter is placed in the drive or third gear position.

Upshifting and downshifting can be controlled with the paddle shifter while the EZ-TCUĀ is set in manual mode. However, when the shifter is placed in the overdrive position the transmission will operate without engine braking enabled. No stock transmission offers this kind of control. Users can employ a TCIĀ converter featuring any stall or simply keep using their stock converter. The package is not compatible with ’97 and up Corvettes.


  • Provides manual shifting
  • Paddle-shifters(!)
  • Engine brake
  • EZ-TCU included
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