VIDEO: A Look at SDPC Raceshop’s Hottest Hardware

SDPC Raceshop does not mess around when it comes to late model GM performance. An extension of the beloved name in GM parts, Scoggin Dickey Parts Center, the SDPC Raceshop is all about taking it to the max with ground up performance, resulting in the development of the parts you need to get your engine ready for race day. They have new parts available to customers from all around the world which will help solve some common issues, as well as help get your build to the next level.

We caught up with them at SEMA 2017 to get a look at what they are adding to their catalog next, and we’re already making out our list. Their hydrodipped coil head bracket makes it possible to mount coils directly on the back of the cylinder head. Another extremely helpful addition to their catalog are the trunnion upgrade kits for the LS7 engines; these kits will replace the needle bearings that might end up in your oil pan from mishaps, with fresh bushings to prevent catastrophic damage to your engine.

Also in the booth is a little show-off project, because SDPC Raceshop wants you to know that they’re just that: a race shop. They built this monster turbocharged engine with parts they have on their shelves. This bad boy, all-aluminum, big-block Chevy engine makes around 2,400-horsepower at 25 pounds of boost.

SDPC Raceshop also offers in-house porting for cylinder heads, as exemplified by the Gen-V LT heads on display for show-goers to checkout; these heads have been ported to flow over 330 cfm of air. Before your heads leave the shop, they can set them up however you want, with whichever springs, valves, etc. you need.

In addition, they are also now selling complete, partial, and parts of LT1/LT4 engines. From enternals, to accesory drives, to crate engines, they now offer a total LT selection. SDPC Raceshop makes it evident that they are much more than just a parts warehouse, they are ready to provide you with everything you need to get into the winner’s circle.

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