VIDEO: Redline Motorsports Builds a Bitchin’ 8-Second Camaro

Redline Motorsports is one of Southern Florida’s fastest-growing shops specializing in LSx hardware. Owned by Howard Tanner, it manages to produces some of the fastest cars in the country using a combination of the latest technology with old-school hard work and ingenuity.

One such fine example is this 8-second 2010 Camaro SS that Redline has recently unleashed. Packing a Chevrolet Performance LSX block, a Callies crank and Ultra connecting rods, Manley pistons, a custom-grind bumpstick, MAST Motorsports heads and a FAST intake manifold, among other serious hardware, it has the foundation for one serious engine.

Of course, toss in a pair of intercooled Precision turbochargers, and you’ll have a boosted mill that anyone would love to have under their hood! The boost pressure is kept in check thanks to an AMS boost controller.

Backing the potent powerplant, is an ATI Performance SC TH400 gearbox and Outlaw torque converter, a Driveshaft Shop one-piece aluminum driveshaft, and one apparently stronger-than-usual rearend!

To get the traction needed to pull such low elapsed times in the quarter-mile, a set of sticky tires need to be obtained, and the crew at Redline have utilized Mickey Thompson Radial Pro rubber in the rear, with M&H Racemaster skinnies up front. The super popular and super lightweight Weld RT-S 5-spokes sit at all four corners.

With Howard behind the wheel, the Texas-based Camaro managed a best of 8.98 at 162.10 mph at Palm Beach International Raceway! With plenty of power reportedly left on the table, we don’t think it will be too long until we see this car back on the track, dipping much deeper into the 8s!


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