If you’re a late-model Corvette, Camaro, or CTS-V owner, you’ve more than likely thought about wrapping your car – it’s one of the latest trends going, and you don’t have to look any further than a car magazine or car show to see how popular it is.

At the very least, you’ve thought about installing a protective film on the front to protect the front end from stone ships, scratches and abrasions. Cars are investments, and it only makes sense to keep it protected from various debris found on the highway.

Luckily,Ā XPELĀ has a full line of various types of protective films for your project car or your daily driver. They’ve just released their Stealth Projection for matte finishes. Get the full story below.

Official Release:


*Satin-Textured Film Enhances Appeal, Delivers Long-Term Protection

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – With its distinctive look and feel, XPEL STEALTH Protection Film was created in response to the increasing appeal and rising popularity of matte-finished vehicles.Ā  STEALTH Protection Film protects the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle from scratches, chips and abrasions.

Developed with the quality and durability characteristic of XPEL’s entire paint protection film line, XPEL STEALTH film features a smooth satin-texture that blends seamlessly with OEM matte paint finishes. Alternatively, the film can be applied to glossy-painted surfaces to give the vehicle a matte appearance in a reversible manner, without requiring re-painting.

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*We’ve attached this video of how the XPEL Self-Healing Paint applies to a C6 Corvette, to show you an example on another product XPEL offers.

“One of our foremost objectives is to provide our customers with the products they want, and our STEALTH Protection Film is a direct result of that effort,” said Ryan Pape, CEO, XPEL. “This is a film that can completely complement or transform the look of a vehicle, while protecting the vehicle’s finish from rocks, gravel, salt and other road debris.”

STEALTH is a polyurethane film with outstanding strength, durability and longevity.Ā  With exceptional elongation, memory and flexibility, the film installs easier, allowing for single-piece installations, reduced labor costs and high customer satisfaction. Available in rolls of varying width and length andĀ  pre-cut in a variety of patterns for hoods, headlamps, fenders, rocker panels, door edges, mirrors and more, STEALTH is available in a form factor appropriate for every use.

STEALTH offers a seven-year warranty and is backed by a worldwide network of certified installers.Ā  XPEL offers a number of DIY products, as well as films for applications requiring installers. For a list of installers in your area, visitĀ

Available Widths:

  • XPFCL24US Custom Length (24″ wide) ULTIMATE Stealth XPEL Protection Film $24.00/ft.
  • XPFCL30US Custom Length (30″ wide) ULTIMATE Stealth XPEL Protection FilmĀ $30.00/ft.
  • XPFCL36USĀ Custom Length (36″ wide) ULTIMATE Stealth XPEL Protection FilmĀ $36.00/ft.
  • XPFCL60USĀ Custom Length (60″ wide) ULTIMATE Stealth XPEL Protection FilmĀ $60.00/ft.


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