VIDEO: OPTIMA Offers Four Important Battery Tech Tips

OPTIMA Batteries is the leader in automotive batteries, so when they have tech tips, we listen. They recently added more tech tips to their already helpful tip section, and this is what we learned.

Tech Tip: How Do I Recover a Deeply-Discharged battery?

This is one a lot of us are guilty of, especially when we start to put power draining accessories on our cars, and start forgetting to turn things off. Once a battery has discharged below 10.5 volts, most battery chargers won’t even recognize, or charge, your battery.

Chargers with AGM compatibility work great to recover a deeply discharged battery, OPTIMA offers there own battery charger that has state-of-the-art features and can recover all lead batteries.

OPTIMA batteries can also be hooked up to a second, fully charged battery, and then hooked up to a battery charged for recovery when using an older style battery charger. Charge the battery this way for two hours, disconnect and charge until fully charged. The last option is to take the battery to a specialist for a small fee if you just don’t want to mess with it.

Tech Tip: Do I need a Special Charger for My Optima Battery?

OPTIMA batteries can be charged with most battery charger, but a deeply drained OPTIMA discharged battery can’t be recharged like a typical battery. Most battery chargers are not made to recharged an OPTIMA battery that’s drained below 10.5 volts. You’re best bet is to buy the OPTIMA battery charger, especially if you’ve already invested in an OPTIMA battery.

Tech Tip: How Long Will it Take to Charge My Battery?

Getting a battery to the point of being fully charged may require a bit of math, and you need to know the rated capacity of your battery before going at it. The problem here is that older chargers often don’t run as efficiently as they promote, so this can take twice the time to charge.

Tech Tip: What Are the Storage Recommendation for OPTIMA batteries?

Improper storage can shorten the life of your battery, so there are some things to consider here. The magic number to keep your battery above is 12.4 volts, and if you’re not driving it daily, it might not ever be getting a full charge. Starting it during short durations isn’t going to help anything either, so what are the options? OPTIMA batteries are designed to hold voltage over time, but any battery can lose voltage when stored in heat, or when accessories cause small electrical drains. An OPTIMA battery charger will come in handy to fully charge your battery — but if you don’t have one, you should always fully charge your battery and disconnect it during storage.

These tips are so simple, there’s no reason not to use them — follow them to prevent damage and prolong battery life!

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