VIDEO: More Leaks on the 6th-gen Come Directly From Chevrolet

As the unveiling date of “#CamaroSIX” draws closer, the anticipation from Camaro fans all over the world continues to climb. After months of delays and rumors, Chevrolet has officially announced that they will be unveiling the 2016 Camaro in Detroit during the May 16th Belle Isle Grand Prix. You may have read our earlier story on this late Sunday night.

After teasing us with camo-wrapped Camaros for the last six months, they’ve decided to finally confirm that the car is indeed on its way to production, as well as provide us with tidbits of information; from the engine choice (LT1, naturally), to a glimpse at the 6th-generation’s subframe. They’ve done so by launching a website for the car, and by sharing some sneak peek photography – including a shot of the exhaust manifold that looks not unlike a shorty header. It would appear that it’s going to be all about mid-length or long-tube headers as an upgrade for the new Camaro.

Chevrolet even went as far as saying that everything from the bow-tie in the grille to the rear spoiler out back are all-new. So yes, it is an entirely new car; from the front to the back, inside and out, top to bottom, despite its apparent similarities in body shape of the current car. So please, end the repetition of questions, comments and statements running along the lines of, “how can it be called a 6th-gen, blah, blah, blah.”

Trust us, if the C7 Z06 and CTS-V(3) are anything to go off of, the 6th-gen is going to be one wild ride! You can follow updates of Camaro Six through their website, on social media at #CamaroSIX, or, you can simply keep it locked here at as news develops!




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