VIDEO: Magnuson Display Wows at SEMA Show

Our friends over at Magnuson really outdid themselves with their display at the 2017 SEMA show, and we’re thrilled that we got a firsthand look. As these innovators of superchargers continue to impress, their newly developed products account for some of the best blowers ever made.

We can’t talk about Magnuson’s 2017 SEMA booth without talking about that amazing Camaro on display. The Toyota and old school Demon did make us stop and stare for a while, but it  was that 6th-gen that had us drooling.

Adorned with the Magnuson Supercharger logo and matching graphics, this Camaro is equipped with their TV 2650 supercharger, and the modifications don’t stop there. This blower sits atop a 416 stoker engine with ported Livernois heads and camshaft, twin 90mm ported throttle bodies, dual MAFs, LT4 fuel pump, LT4 fuel injectors, eight additional port-injected 65/lb/hr fuel injectors, American Racing headers full exhaust system with quad tips, and Carlyle Racing 15” rear conversion kit.

This Camaro comes with a purpose, they are showing off their newly added LT1 and LT4 applications for the TVS 2650 supercharger line. Magnuson has designed this to be the largest supercharger they have ever made, and it’s expected to help the Gen-V LT engines reach numbers over 1000 RWHP at 20 psi.

The TVS 2650 supercharger system is made to maximize performance without sacrificing reliability and drivability. Inside their supercharger manifold is a new charge air cooler that’s larger than stock, this will help keep the intake temperature low and consistent for predictable performance. This system can also outflow the competition as it uses less power, and also provides cooler discharge temperatures. Magnuson isn’t quite ready to start shipping this system, so if you’re thinking about messing with LT cars, get it out of your system now, you’ve been warned!

Magnuson also offers a full line of supercharger systems for most late model GM applications, so if you’re looking to seriously boost your performance, they should be your first stop.

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