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Dakota Digital knows what it takes to make a great looking, and ultra-functional gauge for your car, no matter what the application, or build requires. Their new product lineup moving into 2018 offers even more versatility, and products are easier to use than ever before.

The biggest news from Dakota Digital is the expansion of their HDX gauges to include more applications, and more options. These are the top-of-the-line gauges offered in their catalog; they are digital gauges which are controlled and customized using their app. By using this technology, you essentially have a limitless amount of customizable options, so you can personalize your gauges however you like. The RGB lighting options can be set to color match your interior, paint job, or any custom color you want to use.

The configuration changes aren’t just limited to color options, the functions of the gauges are completely customizable as well. You can take control of the realtime readings using a Bluetooth link, and then make configuration and calibration changes as you get the data.

Another important addition to their line is BIM Expansion Modules for HDX, VFD, and VHX instrument systems which will allow you to add up to 16 specialty gauges, all doing so without having to cut into your dash or pillars.

Their BIM-22-2 Expansion Module allows you to see realtime tire pressure information for all four tires. This information will be displayed in your existing messaging center with the use of this new module. Since this is a feature seen on most modern cars from the factory, it seems like a sensible addition to offer an aftermarket option to add it to vehicles not yet capable of these readouts. The tire pressure module is completely plug-and-play, so there’s no complicated wiring involved.

Check out their ever-expanding lineup of some of the most attractive and functional gauges and modules on the market.

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