VIDEO: JDP Motorsports 6th-Gen SS vs. C7 – Dyno Battle!

The 6th-gen Camaro is just now hitting the streets, and already many of our friends in the aftermarket are putting together some very impressive machines based on the latest version of Chevy’s pony car. JDP Motorsports is no exception, as they not only have recently acquired an in-house test car to build upon, but they have already baseline tested the car and added their custom touches.

However, the focus of this article is to shed some light on the just what kind of numbers their Camaro test vehicle put out, as well as compare it to a brand new, dealership owned 2016 C7 Stingray. Both cars are equipped with a manual transmission and both cars are, naturally, powered by the 455 hp LT1.

W should also point out that JDP Motorsports’ owner, Jordan Priestly, hasn’t touched the Camaro’s tune, nor the components underneath its silver shell. The car is (well, was up to the time this video was shot) completely bone stock and unmolested. As you can see in the Dynojet dyno graph posted below, the torque and power curves were almost identical. However, the numbers were higher all across the board for the Camaro, resulting in almost a 4 hp and 9 lb-ft of twist to the rear tires lead over the new Corvette.

Now we won’t claim this to be the gospel; as each car is a little bit different form the next, and of course, we know that all dynos produce different variables as well, but there’s no denying the fact that the 2016 Camaro SS has just become the best bang-for-the-buck performance car you can buy today! Even with the “new-fangled” LT1 sitting under the hood, engine builders an LS aficionados are scooping these up in droves, putting their own touches on them. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this car, as well as others from shops all over the country. This is about to get good!


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