VIDEO: Holley Brings Multiple Award-Winning New Products to SEMA 2017

Holley is one of the biggest names in the automotive aftermarket, and that’s thanks to their vast product offerings, as well as their contributions to the enthusiast community. Most late model GM fans are quick to think of LS Fest, now a two date/two location event, when they hear the name, as they are host to the largest late model GM performance community gathering each year. It’s also Holley’s unique ability to stay far ahead of the competition at every turn that makes them a top choice for people looking for serious performance.

At the 2017 SEMA show, they rolled out some of their newest products, and they didn’t go unnoticed. These products earned the Holley/MSD brands multiple awards at SEMA, including Best Engineered New Product, Best New Performance-Racing Product, and Best New Powersports Product. So, if there was any doubt that Holley continues to take they aftermarket industry by storm, get that out of your head now.

Amongst their top new products is the Racepak Vantage CL1 Data Kit that works by combining mobile technology with a venice-mounted data box. This is easily the most initiative system on the market as it collects sensor data via Bluetooth from the steering wheel mounted device using a special app. This displays sensor and lap timing data for the driver, while also storing it to a cloud-based service. Using this data will be extremely beneficial to drag racers, auto-crossers, and tuners.

Their Quick Fuel EFI Filter Regulator caught our attention, this new product is made to help minimize fuel line plumbing when converting to a return-style EFI setup. It simplifies installation with a combined fuel filter and regulator assembly that can be mounted at the rear of the vehicle, so the return line can then in turn be much shorter.

Another one of their award-winners this year is the MSD Solid State Block that cleans up wiring in the engine bay. This system provides up to 80 amps of power thanks to four independent channels that are capable of carrying up to 20 amps of continuous current each; this would be ideal for any electrical accessory that would normally call for a relay.

While these are the award winners for 2017, the selection hardly ends there. Holley has added hundreds of new products for 2017, and includes everything from their higher-flow intakes, to advanced exhaust valve control systems, and everything in between. If you’re looking to seriously take your performance to the next level in 2018, look no further than the Holley brands.

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