VIDEO: Fireball Camaro – First 6th-Gen Camaro in the 10s?

The 6th-gen Camaro is just now hitting the streets; with most of the first-round orders being delivered to tuning shops and car builders all around the country. Being an all-new design for Chevrolet, with the fresh GEN-V LT1 under the hood, there’s definitely a lot of appeal to them; a 3600-lb curb weight, a very tunable engine with a growing aftermarket already behind it and the ability for more power!

As impressive as the outgoing 5th-gen Camaro was (and it really was), this new car has the old beat in basically every possible measure. If the aforementioned reasons listed above doesn’t convince you enough to trade your old Camaro in, then the reason below, should!

Over the weekend, a video has surfaced featuring a Fireball Red, 2016 Camaro SS on Weld Racing RT-S,’ running a 10.6 at 129 mph in the quarter-mile with the help of a 150-shot of Nitrous Express spray and a “very good tune” from the guys at B&R Performance. Of course, the slicks and skinnies help the brand new Camaro’s end result, too.

According to the YouTube video description, the otherwise bone stock red Camaro was equally-impressively good for an 11.77 at 119 mph – with just the tune and the wheel and tire combo. B&R Performance also claim that they’re shooting for the 9s, really soon. But with many other shops also receiving their cars, we know it won’t be long to where this time will not only be matched, but will be surpassed. We’d give it a week or two, honestly.


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