VIDEO: Cadillac Spotlights the CT6-V’s Blackwing V8 — Strangely

Several month ago, we provided you, our viewers, a full break-down of the CT6-V’s specs. If you missed it, you can read all about the car HERE.

What many may still not know, realize or have completely forgotten, is the fact that the engine powering the car is a one-off, exclusive mill. Not related to the old LS or current GEN-V LT-series in any way, the “Blackwing” as its been known internally by our friends at Cadillac, may very well be on the chopping block.

In recent weeks, the cutting-edge, beautifully engineered and thoughtfully designed Cadillac CT6 and CT6-V, have been relegated to the scrap bin as a result of General Motors’ refocus on the future. Namely, EVs and SUVs. Evidently, the CT6 turned up a day late and a dollar short, as buyer’s tastes have reverted back to trucks and SUVs as it were 1998 all over again.

However, the case for them has never been better; they’re more fuel efficient, and thanks to some political changes in recent years, fuel prices are at a low that we haven’t seen in well over a decade. These days, buyers are looking for more from their money, and for roughly the same cash, they can step into a very spacious and very well-equipped Escalade.

Though larger SUVs don’t offer the same sense of driving pleasure, provide as much elegance or even the sporting feel of a sport sedan, the CT6 can’t tow your race car or 30-ft boat to the lake.Ā Plus, full-sized SUVs offer third-row seating. The CT6 doesn’t. Large sedans don’t make much sense for Cadillac anymore, seemingly.

What’s equally sad, is the fate of the Blackwing V8. Packing twin snails on a 4.2L displacement V8, the Blackwing will essentially be homeless, and it would be quite a waste. Or will it?

The current LT4 in the CTS-V far out-powers it, although it could possibly be nestled into the ATS-V, or another yet to be announced Cadillac. Ā Perhaps someone inside General Motors will pirate the engine for the Escalade (we’re long overdue for a Escalade-V, anyway)? The 4.2L would provide a nice 135hp and 167 lb-ft boost over the current 6.2L in the SUV flagship.

As of this writing, nothing is known for sure, though we do find it incredibly odd that Cadillac would commission this interesting video spotlighting the mill, when one would assume that it’s already on its deathbed.

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