VIDEO: ACCEL Performance Group Launches ACCEL IT!

Part of being an automotive journalist includes keeping tabs on what all of our friends in the industry are up to; whether it’s launching new hardware, software or simply launching a YouTube video series, we’re here to help spread the word.

Such is the case with ACCEL Performance Group‘s “ACCEL IT” series, where host Jenny Long travels across the country looking for the next lucky individual to to get ACCEL’d with the latest ignition products available for their ride. So far there have been two episodes of the series, with the first featuring a ’68 Corvette and the second, posted above, highlighting an ignition install on a ’72 Chevelle.

While neither of these two vehicles technically fit the demographics of GM EFI Magazine, it does present an opportunity for us late-model GM guys. With ACCEL’s recent release of their line of coil packs, ceramic-boot spark plug wires and other products available for everything from TPI to LS, the opportunity is there for enthusiasts like yourself to get in on the action!

Official Release:

CLEVELAND  – ACCEL Performance Group, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-performance automotive and motorcycle parts and accessories, today announced that it has launched a new web-based automotive video series called ACCEL IT.

In the first episode, the target is chosen; a red 1968 Chevy Corvette from the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions and Hot August Nights cruise in Reno, Nevada. With the help of the vehicle’s caretaker, Steve Tanzi, and mechanic Timmy Hinkle of Little Green Customs, the three give the Vette some much needed TLC and install one of ACCEL’s performance combinations – a Mallory Performance Distributor, ACCEL High Performance Header Plugs spark plug set, ACCEL SuperStock spark plug wires, and an ACCEL SuperStock ignition coil. At the end of the episode, Jenny asks viewers to submit their ride through social media and tell her why they should be chosen next. Where will she be traveling to this week? That is for the viewers to decide!

Episodes of ACCEL IT can be found on ACCEL’s Facebook page (ACCEL Performance Group), by logging onto the ACCEL YouTube channel,or by visiting ACCEL’s website, Future episodes of the series will include trips to Austin, San Antonio and of course right in Cleveland, Ohio. The ACCEL It video series will not only showcase the performance upgrades on the featured vehicles, but will also be accompanied by complete installation and product feature videos.

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