Stephen Vigoa Breaks the Fastest Stock Bottom End Record – Again!

Just two weeks after breaking the record for the fastest stock bottom end ZL1 with a 9.86 at 138 mph Stephen Vigoa does it once again! This time, he managed to kill two birds with one stone clicked off a 9.35 at 146 mph, and is now officially the fastest (known) ZL1 on the planet! Nice!

So how did he pull it off, and what has Stephen changed since the last time we caught up with him? “All I did was change the blower plate.” Craving more information, he shared that he had installed a Nitrous Outlet Blower Plate system, designed specifically for LSA-powered Camaro ZL1s and CTS-Vs.

Still not satisfied with that response we inquired about his official mod list, and he was more than happy to share it with us and all of you! As he puts it, “It’s a 2013 ZL1 with an automatic that’s still running the stock bottom end, stock transmission, stock converter, stock suspension and is at full weight at 4260lbs.

The car has 14,206 miles on it, and is driven literally everywhere except when we come to the track so we won’t ruin the drag radials on the two-hour drive to the dragstrip. The car was built and tuned by Jay Healy owner of KraftWorks in Delray Beach, Florida and the mods consist of:Vigoa-3

With a relatively short list of modifications like that, evidently we’re barely scratching the surface of what’s possible with the LSA. We’re also looking ahead to the future with the latest iteration of GM V8 performance; the LT1 and LT4. Time will tell soon enough of where the enthusiasts will take it!


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