SEMA 2018: Revolutionary Flex-Wave Electric Fan from Flex-A-Lite Produces 20 Percent More Airflow

With high-horsepower and racing as popular as ever, it only make sense to provide racers and car builders new and improved technology in terms of their cooling system. Flex-a-Lite knows that, and that’s why they’re always looking at new ways to improve their product line for serious car fanatics.

Just this week during the 2018 SEMA Show, our friends at Flex-a-Lite have made a big announcement regarding their latest product!

Official Release:

The Revolutionary Flex-Wave™ Electric Fan from Flex-A-Lite® Produces 20 Percent More Airflow

The revolutionary, patent-pending Flex-Wave electric fan from Flex-A-Lite has greater airflow, is more efficient and is quieter than traditional S-blade and straight-blade designs. The Flex-Wave fan moves up to 20 percent more airflow than Flex-A-Lite Trimline fans, and up to 25 percent more airflow than the comparable electric fans from the competitors!

Using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics software, Flex-A-Lite engineers developed a blade consisting of an aerodynamic profile flowing through a sine-wave path. The design was then prototyped and tested in a wind tunnel to verify increased airflow and improved efficiency.

More than having just a different look, the Flex-Wave electric-fan blade has several aerodynamic advantages for air movement:

  • The leading edge of the fan blade is no longer a single, solid line. The sine-wave design creates leading edges that cut through the air first. This starts movement in the air around the blade with greater efficiency.
  • The wave surface of the blades creates channels for the air to move along, producing more airflow and reducing energy losses.
  • The wave surface forms a winglet at the tip of the blade, further increasing efficiency by reducing air vortices.
  • The trailing edge of the fan blade also has variations, which reduces wind noise.


The all-new Flex-Wave electric fan is available in the following sizes:

Part No.          Dimensions (inch)    Air Flow (cfm)

236                  16 × 16½ × 3¾            2,660

234                  14¼ × 14¾ × 3½         1,900

232                  12 × 13 × 3½               1,325

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