SEMA 2017: Heatshield Helps You Keep Your Cool

At this year’s SEMA Show, there were no shortage of vendors pedaling turbo kits, supercharger systems and exhaust upgrades. However, there were only a few select companies offering solutions to keep all of that added heat under control. One of those companies, was Heatshield Products.

Offering an amazing array of products that help keep your vehicle temps down, Heatshield brought out the Calvary for gearheads like us. Some of their products we’ve seen before, but there were quite a few that were brand new and really caught our attention.

I-M Shield

This recent release was a standout for us. Perfect for high-heat applications, such as those that are turbocharged or supercharged, the I-M shield brings an innovative way to add power. No, seriously. After some testing by AntiVenom in Tampa, Florida, a before and after test revealed that after the installation of the I-M Shield, an LS test engine picked up 17.76 hp and 20.45 lb-ft of torque to the rear tires thanks to the cooler intake charge.

Yeah, we know it sounds hard to believe but we also know the crew at AntiVenom pretty well and if they say they’ve achieved such a feat, then they probably did. The way it works is pretty incredible, however! Plus, they make them specially sized for Ford applications!

I-M Shield significantly reduces the amount of heat transfer from the top of the engine to the intake manifold, helping to reduce air-intake temperatures and increase horsepower. Lower air-intake manifold temperatures create a denser air/fuel mixture, creating more power. Heavy-duty adhesive will stick to any clean, semi-smooth surface.

Simply degrease the surface, wipe with pre-paint cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, let it dry, then firmly press the I-M Shield onto the underside of the intake manifold. Use the provided edging tape to finish the installation of this intake manifold heat shield. I-M Shield is available pre-cut for certain applications and in a universal kit that may be trimmed for a custom fit. Think of I-M Shield as an intercooler for your LS intake manifold, reducing the temperature of the air/fuel inlet charge for higher density and more power.


  • The best dollar per RWHP around
  • Withstands 1100F radiant continuous
  • Adhesive good for 300F
  • Lowers intake temperatures
  • Made in the USA
Part No Description
140020 97-2007 LS1 LS2 LS6
140021 LS3 Car intake
140022 2006-15 LS7 Factory Intake
140023 LSX-R FAST® intakes

Lava Turbo Plug

Protect your turbocharger from excessive wear, damage and the elements with our Lava Turbo Plug. The Lava Turbo Plug fits securely into the turbocharger intake, blocking airflow that can cause the turbine to spin and create unlubricated wear on the internal bearings.

When a turbo is allowed to spin while the engine isn’t running, there is no pressurized oil feeding into the turbocharger to properly lubricate the internal bearings. This situation is common for race cars towed on open trailers at highway speeds, where the velocity of the airflow can spin the open turbo or turbos. The Heatshield Turbo Compressor Plug eliminates this, avoiding costly turbocharger repairs and replacement.

Made from our specially formulated volcanic rock fiber material, Lava Turbo Plug can be inserted onto a hot turbo with no worries of the plug being damaged. It is specially designed to fit snuggly in place but be easy to remove when necessary.

While protecting the turbocharger from unlubricated turbine spool, Lava Turbo Plug also keeps debris and moisture out of the intake system. Even if you’re towing on an open trailer through a downpour, you won’t have to worry about water accumulating in the turbo or intake system.


  • Protects turbos when towing
  • Heatshield exclusive RugGold technology
  • Cool carbon fiber look
  • Protects intake system from debris
  • Made in the USA

Cold-Gold Shield 

Made from an exclusive TruGold thermal barrier. It allows you the ability to wrap just about anything in a gold thermal barrier. It’s perfect for inlet tubing, be it for boosted or natural-aspirated applications.

We designed the Cold-Gold Shield for the person who loves chrome, polished aluminum and billet and the mesmerizing brilliance of metallic paint: the shine and allure. It deflects heat without adding dead weight, no matter how tight the space, all the while looking like a million bucks.

Our team of engineers has been developing our TruGold technology for years as we have become tired of people spending a lot of money on glorified stickers. Birthday balloon “gold” thermal-barrier products on the market are use a yellow Mylar to shield radiant heat. While Mylar can reflect radiant, so can aluminum foil at a fraction of the cost. The Cold-Gold Shield is made from exclusive TruGold thermal-barrier technology that won’t degrade after long-term heat exposure.

The real gold color combined with a full high-grade fiberglass cloth backing make this a real gold heat shield. It can take constant ambient temps of up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, intermittent ambient temps of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cold-Gold Shield is not designed for direct heat contact, however with an optimal air gap of h an optimal air gap of 1 inch or more for maximum thermal reflection Cold-Gold Shield can reflect up to 90% of radiant heat.

If you ever have a catastrophic fire, Cold-Gold Shield also acts as a full protection barrier because of its full coverage of high-grade fiberglass cloth backing. The gold coating will burn away but the fiberglass is there to act as a fire barrier giving you that added piece of mind.

Go Gucci with real heat shield insulation, go with the Cold-Gold Shield.


  • Capable of reflecting up to 90% of radiant heat
  • Exclusive TruGold technology superior to “birthday balloon” gold materials
  • Specially formulated fiberglass-based backing material also acts as a fire barrier for extra protection
  • Should NOT come in direct contact with heat source (needs an air gap)
  • All rolls 0.008” thick
  • Made in the USA

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