SEMA 2016: Moroso Offers A Rear Sump Oil Pan For LT Swaps

As Generation-V LT engines become more popular, it’s only a matter of time before they find their way into vehicles necessitating an oil pan with a rear sump for proper installation. Thankfully, through a lot of development, Moroso has the solution to that problem with their new LT-Series rear sump oil pan. Unvield at this year’s SEMA Show, it quickly becomes evident that a ton of R&D had gone into it’s design, and we broke down all of the fundamentals for you below!

MOROSO LT1/LT4 Swap Oil Pan

Fits: LT Engine Conversions that require a Rear Sump (Check Measurements)

  • Due to the O.E.M. GM LT oil pans having the oil pump pick up built into the oil pan, our LT oil pan has a thick billet aluminum O-ringed rail incorporates a removable pick up, a billet front sump and a location to mount our billet aluminum spin-on oil filter adapter
  • Fabricated aluminum construction is more adaptable to add fittings, change finishes and weighs less than cast aluminum construction
  • Front of the oil pan is 1-7⁄8″ deep to the beginning of the 5-7⁄8″ Deep, 8-5⁄8″ Wide, and 8-1⁄2″ Long sump
  • Features a trap door baffle and a removable windage tray that wraps around the oil pump pick up for horsepower savings and oil control
  • Includes a billet aluminum adapter that allows a 22mm thread Moroso No. 22463 Racing or O.E.M. oil filter to be mounted in the stock location, no need to run a remote oil filter
  • For dipstick, use GM part No.12643278 dipstick and GM part No.12652951 dipstick tube

As said before, there was considerable thought and engineering put into the design of this pan.  So if you’re looking for a LT rear sump oil pan for your next street/strip project, give Moroso a call.  They have the solution you’re looking for.


  • Wet Sump
  • LT-Series Specific
  • 5 Quart Capacity
  • 5-7/8″ Deep, 8-5/8″ Wide 8-1/2″ Long
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