SEMA 2016: Flex-a-Lite 1000 Airmover


We’ve all been there, in between runs at the dragstrip or on the autocross, especially out West, when the temps are high and we need to hit the track for another run! Trouble is, there is little time for sufficient engine cooling and the heat is brutal in the middle of summer!

There are plenty of ways you can help cool the engine temps, including picking up some cheap off-the-shelf plug-in cooling fan from the hardware store. Or, you can get a high-quality, large-capacity unit from Flex-a-Lite!

Official Release:

Introducing the Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover, Making it Easier than Ever to Cool a Race Car Between Rounds and Keep Your Cool in the Shop

 Las Vegas – The new Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover is a must have for racers, enabling you to cool your car quickly between rounds. It is also extremely useful in the garage when you need to clear the air, cool a car down or simply need air movement to keep you cool as you work.

falairmover-2The Flex-a-lite 1000 Airmover is lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack and handle. Its high-velocity performance, 900 cfm of focused airflow, lets you direct the air where you need it most. The very low, 2-amp, power draw means that it won’t over-tax trailer circuits or the generator.

The 1000 Airmover can be used in the garage to quickly clear smoke or fumes as you work, or to keep you cool with a steady stream of airflow. Manufactured out of durable injection molded plastic, the Flex-A-lite 1000 is a robust tool that will hold up to years of frequent use for the car enthusiast.


  • High-velocity air stream
  • Powerful 900 CFM focused airflow
  • Low amp draw – only 2 amps
  • Multi-position operation

MSRP $219

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