SEMA 2014: McLeod’s Muscle Car 5-Speed Gearbox

MCCLEODMC5-2McLeod Racing is a name synonymous with late-model GM enthusiasts that use their hardware in their street, strip, and road racing applications.

With the recent trend moving towards autocross and pro-touring classic musclecars these days, McLeod is now offering up the Muscle Car 5 manual transmission for such applications. Based on a GM transmission housing, it offers a mouth-watering list of hardware that would make you reconsider using the same-old 4- or 5-speed transmission in your classic musclecar. This thing is perfect for you LS-swap guys!

Official Release:

The revolutionary Muscle Car 5 Transmission with a 2.95 1st gear and .63 5th gear. Its innovative design gives muscle car owners the ability to use an overdrive transmission without having to make expensive or annoying modifications. The McLeod Muscle Car 5 is designed with an exclusive case design that allows for fitment into tight tunnels. Gone are the days of cutting your floorboards to be able to get the benefits of improved fuel economy and lower RPMs that an overdrive transmission provides. With 8620 forged steel gears and a 32-spline output shaft, the Muscle Car 5 can handle up to 500 ft lbs of torque.


We made sure the gears were fully synchronized for smooth shifting and quiet operation. The internal rail shifter aides in quick and smooth shifts. The front cover is designed so it will bolt up to your factory bellhousing. Shown in optional red. Call for details on powder coating.


  • 2.95 1st gear and .63 5th gear
  • fully synchronized gears
  • able to handle up to 500lb-ft.
  • 8620 forged steel gears and a 32-spline output shaft
  • overdrive provides improved fuel economy and lower RPMs
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