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One of the things that make our hobby so great is being able to dream up different and wild combinations to build. There are those who just want to challenge the status quo and install an engine and transmission combination that factory engineers had never dreamt of. For those looking to do such a feat, QuickTime has just announced 20 all-new applications to their already impressive list of 250 models – allowing you the ability of joining 4,200 different engine an transmission combinations.

These bellhousings are not your typical stamped steel pieces; they are built with spun-core technology that gives them not only unmatched strength, but allows them to be among the lightest weight steel bellhousings that you will find on the market.  So if you’re looking for that correct bellhousing for your build, check out QuickTime’s Bellhousing Selector, and let your imagination run wild with the available combinations. Plus, it has tons of great information!

Official Release:


CLEVELAND – QuickTime, a leading manufacturer of high performance bellhousings, drivetrain and transmission products, today introduced 20 all-new bellhousings for a variety of Chevrolet, Ford, Mopar and Nissan engines, joining its existing lineup of more than 250 products allowing for more than 4,200 different engine and transmission combinations. QuickTime bellhousings feature high grade steel spun cone construction, resulting in the strongest, lightest and most accurate steel bellhousing in the industry.

QuickTime bellhousings offer more than twice the strength of other steel products on the market; each is rated to work harden to over 80,000 PSI, meaning they can withstand the most extreme stresses encountered in high horsepower street and race engines. The bellhousings’ strength is a result of QuickTime’s patented light-weight spun cone construction, which also offers unmatched dimensional accuracy and stability far surpassing competitive products made from rolled or stamped steel. QuickTime’s precision engineering assure the engine and transmission stay in perfect alignment at all RPM ranges, eliminating accelerated drivetrain wear due to bellhousing flex.


“As the direct link between your engine and transmission, bellhousings are an extremely important part of any vehicle,” said QuickTime Senior Design Engineer, Ross McCombs. “We’ve expanded across the board, especially for hard-to-find applications, ensuring that the bellhousing is never the weak link in your car’s drivetrain when you rely on our products.”

QuickTime bellhousings are made in the USA and available for nearly any engine and transmission combination, starting at $598.95. QuickTime invites racers and enthusiasts to find the correct bellhousing for their application and explore QuickTime’s full lineup of bellhousings online using its new Bellhousing Selector.

For more information on QuickTime, to request a custom bellhousing, or to view its complete line of high performance drivetrain and transmission products, and to order online, please visit LakewoodIndustries.com.

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  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Unmatched stability and accuracy
  • Built for the extreme stresses seen in big power street and race engines
  • the strongest and lightest steel bell housings on the market
  • covers 4,200 different engine and transmission combos.
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