Phoenix Race Tires Debuts NEW 17-Inch Bias Ply Slicks

Do you have a modern performance car with 17-inch (or larger) diameter wheels? Do you drag race, but have larger brakes, and could’t run anything smaller than a 17-inch rear tire out back, if you wanted to? Well then you might be in luck, because Coker Tire just announced 17-inch bias-ply race slicks, from Phoenix Race Tires!

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Coker Tire Offers Bias Ply Slicks for Modern High-Performance Cars

Chattanooga, Tenn.–Phoenix Race Tires, a division of Coker Tire Company is devoted to providing great tires for drag racers, and does so with a wide range of bias ply and radial slicks geared toward the sportsman drag racer. A variety of sizes and compounds are available to fit many applications from weekend warriors in stock suspension street cars to Super Stock cars and dragsters.

Along with its tried and true designs, Phoenix is moving forward by introducing sizes to fit modern high-performance cars that utilize large brake packages. These cars include Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette, Dodge Challenge, Nissan GT-R and many more. The large brake package requires the use of 17-inch or larger wheels, and purpose-built drag racing tires are limited for this wheel diameter. Drag radials are available to fit 17-inch wheels, but the new Phoenix bias ply slick is a little more forgiving for no prep and street surfaces. The bias ply slick is also more forgiving if you’re making big horsepower without a lot of suspension modifications.

In terms of sizing, the new Phoenix Race Tires slicks offer two fitments. First is a 10.5/28.0-17, which is a standard “small tire” application that provides ultimate traction without any drastic modifications to the car. If you’re worried about tire clearance, Phoenix also offers a 9.0/28.0-17 bias ply slick. This tire still gives you plenty of sidewall, but the narrower contact patch provides a little more wiggle room for tight wheel openings. Both tires feature the famous F9 compound, a race-winning formulation that works well on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Both sizes are in stock, and prices are $209 for the 9.0/28.0-17 and $219 for the 10.5/28.0-17.

To find out more about Coker Tire’s Performance Division and Phoenix Race Tire’s new selection of drag racing tires, contact the Performance Division directly by dialing 866-513-2743 to speak with a tire expert. You can also check out to browse the selection of drag tires.

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