MAHLE Motorsport’s LSX Combo PowerPak Piston Kits Are Just What the Doctor Ordered!

If you’ve ever been to an LSX focused race event in your life, you know that the engine platform is absolutely dominating every segment of the market; from the unlimited-budget, big-tire racer, to the guy who seemingly threw his car together over the weekend. Typically, the latter sources their engines from the junkyard or out of a wrecked donor vehicle, and more often than not, they strap an eBay turbo to it, recalibrate the ECU, and go racing.

This is great if you’re just trying to get through the season, but for long-term sustainability, you better look at fortifying the rotating assembly. Some may scoff at the idea citing how cheap donor engines are, but for a lot less money, you’re better off going with a set of LSX PowerPak Pistons from MAHLE Motorsport in the long run. these pistons also allow you

MAHLE Motorsport Introduces GM LSX Combo PowerPak Piston Kits
Budget Conscious Versatility in a Race Proven Piston Package

Fletcher, N.C.  – With a focus on innovation, versatility and cost conscious budgets, MAHLE Motorsport now offers the all new GM LSX Combo designed for high output, naturally aspirated power adder applications. This PowerPak kit offers the best of strength in an all forged 2618 aluminum alloy piston to allow for increased detonation resistance and a combination valve pocket design that will cover LS1, LS3 and LS7 cylinder heads.

If the valve pocket layout is unknown when assembling the short block, these pistons will accommodate an LS1 style cathedral port, LS3 style rectangle port and also LS7 style cylinder heads. With listings for flat tops, dishes and domes, this Combo PowerPak Piston Kit will not lock you into a single configuration allowing for changes that can be made as needed. Compression ratios are available from 10:1 through 14:1 and bore options range from 4.000” to 4.185”. The kit comes complete with HV385 coated steel oil ring set:  1.0mm top, napier 1.0mm 2nd and 2.0mm.

Developed for the serious speed enthusiast and professional racers alike, PowerPak pistons are all dual coated with a Phosphate coating that provides the piston’s characteristic gray appearance. This dry lubricant provides a lubricant film protection in the pin bores and ring grooves. Each slipper skirt is also treated with Grafal, MAHLE’s proprietary coating to reduce wear, drag, scuffing, friction and piston noise.

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s GM LSX Combo PowerPak Piston Kit, visit, or call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942.


  • Available for LS1-style cathedral port, LS3-style rectangle port and LS7-style
  • Available for flat top, dished and dome pistons
  • Forged in a 2618 aluminum alloy
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