Lingenfelter and SAM Sponsoring COPO Event at LS Fest


For coming up on six years now, Holley’s LS Fest is the place to be as an LS enthusiast. Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green Kentucky is overrun each year by some of the coolest, fastest, and meanest LS cars around — and those who are there to bare witness. A special attraction this year being called “The Battle At The Green” will be the ultimate COPO showdown, a can’t miss race!

Regulated under the rules of the NHRA Stock and Super Stock Eliminators, using a qualified pro ladder, COPO Camaros will race for a hefty $10,000 prize, and a $1,000 runner-up payout. The racers will duke it out in a time trial format for eliminating rounds without heads up reading for same class COPOs.

The idea came from the teams at Lingenfelter and the School of Automotive Machinists (SAM). Since the 2013 and up COPOs all come with the Holley EFO and each n/a COPO has a Holley Ram Hi-Ram intake from the factory, this showdown is happening in the right place.

The COPO class is very popular with the spectators, so this event is going to be a main focus of this year’s LS Fest. Racers in this event will be pitted in a special area on-site that’s reserved just for them. This will give spectators a chance to check them all out in a single location. Qualifying runs will be conducted during social times to allow spectators to see the COPOs flex their muscles.

Lingenfelter has sponsored the COPO class from the beginning, and they coordinated with SAM to bring in the extra focus and incentive this year. The intent is to attract more drivers the to COPO class and put on a heart pounding show for enthusiasts. It will be a great race, and if you needed a reason to go to LS Fest this year, here’s a great one!

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