Granatelli 1G Suspension for 5th-Gen Camaros


We all know the 5th-generation Camaro is an amazing car; it has tons of horsepower and plenty of potential for more. Of course all of that horsepower can be wasted without the proper suspension. Granatelli Motor Sports has just releases its 1G suspension system for the 5th-gen. What is the 1G suspension system? Its a complete chassis bracing system to tie all the major points of the car together. Reducing the flex and twisting of your Camaro no matter how you drive it, whether it be autocross or road racing, the 1G will help you put the power down.

Official Release: 

Oxnard, CA – The 5th-Gen Camaro offers progressive retro styling with an abundance of horsepower. However, power is nothing without control. Install a Granatelli 1G suspension system and take your 2010-2015 5th-Gen Camaro, including 1LE, ZL1 and Z/28 models to a new level of corner-carving precision.

  • OWN The Corners: Realize a new level of precision control
  • MORE Power To The Ground: Reduced chassis flexing & twisting releases hidden HP
  • PROVEN by GMS: On a 200 foot skid pad, yielded .984G clockwise, 1.03G counterclockwise
  • 100% COMPLETE: From front to back the 1G system includes everything you need
  • UNBEATABLE Ride & Handling: Specially designed for faster response with superior control
  • PERFORMANCE for EVERYONE: Fits both SS and V-6 models
  • CUSTOMIZE to fit YOUR Needs: All items are available separately.
  • For more information, please call 1-805-486-6644 or visit

Additional Features:

  • Fits all 2010-2014 5th-gen Camaro’s
  • Connects key points of the frame
  • Can be purchased all-together or individual pieces
  • Proven by GMS on a skid pad .984-G clockwise 1.03G counterclockwise
  • Reduces flex and twisting allowing more power to the ground

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