GM Spotted Testing… Third-Gens?

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In a recent post by Autoblog, at least two third-generation Camaros have been spotted testing alongside 6th-gen development mules. While there could be many reasons for this (no, GM isn’t re-releasing the third-gen), we think it might have something more to do with engine testing and development.

We couldn’t help but notice that the two cars that we do have photos of, sport the same aftermarket cowl hood. While we do realize that given the age of the cars and the demographic of the people who own them, this really isn’t unusual, however it does raise the question as to why they both have them.

According to an insider working with Autoblog, there was at least one intercooler in attendance and a least one of the cars had a “distinctive V6 engine sound,” which also helps our theory. The raised hood scoop could allow for more topside engine clearance as the ’80s-era F-body’s hoodline sat considerably lower than that of tday’s cars.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 12.56.19 PMBeing familiar with this generation of Camaro, it does appear that both are red base models, one an ’87, and the other an ’88-89. The ’87 has a set of 16-inch IROC wheels on it, while the ’88/’89 Sport Coupe has the GM/S10 ZQ8 wheels that GM has been known to use on their in-house development vehicles from time to time. Why they chose that particular color, and those particular body styles is beyond our knowledge.

Furthermore, Autoblog points out that they also appear being tested alongside the “Camaro convertible” test mule we saw last week. Autoblog suggests that, based on an “unbroken” A-pillar/roof, it’s more likely  something along the lines of a T-top or targa-style roof arrangement. But knowing how crafty GM can be with their camouflaged wrap, anything’s possible. It could be a metal folding roof, for all we know…

While nothing is certain until GM unveils the 6th-gen (and possible crate engine packages?), we can only speculate. In typical fashion, the truth will present itself in the coming months.

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